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Camaro & Firebird Performance Projects: 1970-81

Paperback: 176 pages
Dimensions: 8.5000" x 11"
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Camaro & Firebird Performance Projects: 1970-81

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    While the first-generation Chevy Camaros and Pontiac Firebirds are iconic cars that command high sale prices in restored and unmodified form, the second-generation Camaros and Firebirds are much more affordable. These Camaros often sell for only a few thousand dollars, and as a relative bargain compared to the early cars, many owners use these cars as a blank canvas to build an all-out performance car. Not only are the second-generation cars great platforms for modification, owners don't have to feel guilty about heavily modifying an extremely rare or valuable collector car that the first-generation cars represent.

    Several million Camaros and Firebirds were built from 1970-1981. Many of these were sparsely equipped cars with six-cylinder or small V-8 engines and are perfect candidates for a full pro-touring treatment. There is a huge and growing amount of aftermarket support for these cars, with engine, drivetrain, brake, steering, and suspension parts being offered. Many owners are installing multi-link or Air Ride suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, quicker steering gears, stroker or late-model engines, modern overdrive transmissions, and other cutting-edge performance parts.

    Like all editions in the Performance Projects series, this book covers the wide range of modifications, from borderline basic to in-depth and complex. Included modifications are supercharger installs, head swaps, ignition and carburetor mods, brake upgrades, transmission, differential and driveline upgrades, engine bolt-ons, multi-link rear suspensions, and more. This book is an essential tool for the second-gen enthusiast looking to modify their car.

    Publication Date:02/15/2013
    Publisher: CarTech
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    Great Resource Review by coho8
    The second generation Camaro/Firebird was released in 1970 and is an affordable platform for a project car. This book, focusing on the 1970 to 1981 models, takes you through the entire process from evaluating a prospect for purchase to the completion of your performance car.

    After a good overview of the car, the book is organized in chapters such as Engine Performance, Exhaust, Front and Rear Suspension, Electrical, etc. Each chapter provides in-depth information to help you evaluate the choices you will face for various components and then guides you through the work process with clear step by step directions and abundant photos. The various sections will help you decide the scope of your project and also will help you decide whether you want to perform the work yourself or send it out. The book has more “how-to” than most, with easy to follow detailed instructions and includes some great hints about how to make your work go smoothly. One of my favorite chapters addressed interior restoration or modification, including a great section on reupholstering seats.

    This well illustrated book is a great supplement to the factory service manual. It is a valuable resource to take you through your project, from start to finish, transforming your car to a high-performance vehicle. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering projects, small or large, for the Camaro/Firebird.
    (Posted on 3/6/13)

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  • Author Bio

    Jeff Tann

    Author Jeff Tann is a veteran automotive magazine editor/writer/photographer with 30-year track record for creating exemplary tech articles. Jeff worked for Hot Rod Magazine, Popular Hot Rodding magazine, and was the editor of Muscle Car Classics magazine, Rod & Custom magazine, and Super Rod magazine. He is currently restoring a 1978 Gold Special Edition Trans Am and a 1967 Firebird 400 that will be a corporate giveaway car.

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