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  • Solex Carburetters

    Solex Carburetters

    Covers Solex carburetors, associated problems and major tuning characteristics with as much information possible within the modern circuit systems available.

  • Volvo 160 Series Workshop Manual 1968-1974

    Volvo 160 Series Workshop Manual 1968-1974

    Volvo 164, 164E and 164TE. Covering: Engine, fuel and cooling systems, ignition, clutch, gearbox, and overdrive, automatic transmission, suspension and hubs, steering gear, brakes, electronics, and body-work.

  • Volvo 1800 Ultimate Portfolio

    Volvo 1800 Ultimate Portfolio

    Also included is restoration information, buying guides, plus technical specifications and performance data for the P1800, S, E and ES models.

  • Volvo 1800-120 Workshop Manual

    Volvo 1800-120 Workshop Manual

    Combination of two Autobook manuals which cover models P1800, 1800S, 1800E, 1800ES, 120 Series, 121, 122, 123GT, 131, 132, 133, 221, 222, 223. Chapters on fuel and cooling systems, electric, body-work, clutch and a buying secondhand guide.

  • Volvo Car & Driver 1955-1986

    Volvo Car & Driver 1955-1986

    The book includes road tests, track reports, racing, new model, and road research reports. Models include: P444, 122S, P1800, GT, GLT, Turbo, intercools 264GL, Turbo Wagon, 262, 760, GLE, 480ES.

  • Volvo PV444 & PV544 Performance Portfolio 1945-1965

    Volvo PV444 & PV544 Performance Portfolio 1945-1965

    44 articles give full coverage to the PV444, K, L, California, PV544, Sport & Special de Luxe with road and comparison tests, specifications, model introductions, performance data, owners report, touring and a buyers guide.

  • Volvo Road & Track 1957-1974

    Volvo Road & Track 1957-1974

    Models covered: PV444, L, PV544, 122S, B18, 123GT, 142S, 142E, 142GL, 144, 144S, 164, 164E, P1800, 1800S, 1800E, 1800ES and 1800ESC.


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