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Hurst Equipped: More Than 50 Years of High Performance

Hardback: 160 pages
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Hurst Equipped: More Than 50 Years of High Performance

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  • Details

    George Hurst was a hot rodder at heart, but he was also a visionary, an innovator, a brilliant promoter, and particularly skilled at building alliances. Hurst developed and marketed a high-performance line of shifters that would lead the industry and be the cornerstone of the company. After forming an alliance with Anco Industries, Hurst marketed and sold more than 100 speed parts, which included shifters, heads, wheels, and many other parts, and eventually the Hurst catalog became the source for high-performance parts in the1960s and 1970s.

    Jack "Doc" Watson joined Hurst and became a pivotal figure within the company, which led to many performance projects with Pontiac. Over the years Hurst was also able to partner with Oldsmobile to build special 442s known as "Hurst" Olds, AMC with their wickedly effective SC Rambler, and Chrysler, creating a number of Super Stock cars as well as the 300H and one of the most memorable exhibition cars in drag racing history, the Hemi Under Glass.

    No other company or individual had as big an impact on so many aspects of the automotive industry as George Hurst. His performance parts were some of the best ever, the competition cars won many races, and the muscle cars that bear his name were some of the best of the era. Scores of interviews, in-depth research, and exceptional insight from veteran magazine editor Richard Truesdell and co-author Mark Fletcher has created a great book. Hurst Equipped captures the complete story from the production cars and race cars to the performance parts.

    Publication Date:10/02/2012
    Publisher: CarTech
  • Reviews

    Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace

    "To illustrate the Hurst's past and present, the authors relied on vintage illustrations and photos, as well as modern photography that takes readers through Hurst-equipped Pontiacs, Hurst/Olds masterpieces, Hurst AMC products and, of course, Hurst Mopar all the way up to the new Challenger and Chrysler 300C.... the hardbound Hurst Equipped does a great job of recalling the golden eras of Hurst in its 160 pages. And, at $39.95, it's a bargain compared to the outdated original book." -Old Cars Weekly, November 22, 2012

    Muscle Car Review

    "Fletcher and Truesdell pack a lot of information and history into a fairly brief volume, not an easy trick considering the breadth and depth of George Hurst's influence on the automotive scene. Period photos and advertisements mix with contemporary photos of some of Hurst's key projects-- the Hemi Under Glass Baracuda, SC/Rambler, Hurst/Olds-- in a concise history that runs right up to today's limited-edition muscle cars." -Muscle Car Review, January 2013

    Keith Martin's American Car Collector

    "Sometimes the shadow on the wall is so much biger than the thing creating the shadow, and that certainly sums up Hurst Performance Products. The company took a pretty small range of offerings and created an image that was so much bigger than the parts they sold. In some ways, Hurst was a triumph of marketing an image over actual performance, and through the showmanship of George Hurst, they kept the image alive well past their ability to thrive as an innovator or sales machine. Hurst Equipped does a nice job of telling that story." -Keith Martin's American Car Collector, Jan/Feb 2013


    "Don't pass this book by because it has muscle cars on the cover! Hurst was so much more than performance parts and racecars. This is the first-ever look at the company and its many products and, at least a little bit, the man himself." -speedreaders.info, January 2013

    Hemmings Muscle Machines

    "You know what's really sad? That George Hurst will never get to see this book. It's long overdue, and he would have loved it, we guarantee you." -Jim Donnelly, Hemmings Muscle Machines, March 2013

    Jay Leno's Garage

    Watch an the authors of Hurst Equipped chat with Jay Leno about their book: http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/more-video/jays-book-club-hurst-equipped/index.shtml

    Classic American

    "This book is lavishly illustrated with contemporary advertisements and photos old and new and is an excellent read." -Classic American, March 2014

  • Reader Reviews

    Customer Reviews

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    AAAA Review by T.Reed
    I have read approx. half of the book and I find it very interesting. If your interested in Hurst, this is the book for you. My interest is Hurst Olds so they have all of this covered. Good buy! (Posted on 3/22/13)
    A wonderful book Review by mrmapcase
    Did you know that Hurst invented the Hurst Rescue Tool, which is now known as the Jaws of Life? This is one of many interesting facts that you can learn from this wonderful book. It contains many Hurst documents and ads as well as pictures of Hurst projects both old and new. And for all of you who were fans of Ms. Hurst Golden Shifter, they are well represented. (Posted on 1/23/13)
    Highly Recommended: Hurst Equipped Review by snemchik
    The only thing that could improve this book would be to have Linda Vaughn deliver it in person.
    Hurst Equipped is a well written, accurate, insightful portal into the Hurst empire. While some of the story may be familiar, there are anecdotes throughout that will have you saying, "I had no idea".
    The same can be said for the photography which, to say the least, is amazing. Instead of the usual skim-the-surface rehash, the author and photographer have compiled, in my humble opinion, one of the best collections of seldom-or never seen before-Hurst photographic treasures. These guys challenged themselves to craft the gold standard reference of all things Hurst, and have succeeded handsomely.
    Buy this book..you won't regret it. (Posted on 11/13/12)
    Excellent pictures and history Review by nothumn
    Nice well written book. Some awsome history and amazing photos. (Posted on 10/19/12)
    I have been waiting three years to read this book. It was worth the wait. Review by 17tamx
    I received my signed copy on Wednesday night and finished reading it by Friday morning. It is a great story that clarifies the timeline and the details how a single man, George Hurst, with great energy was able to create an image and business bigger than life. This book brings to light the story of how a single man surrounded himself with great people to create value greater than all of the combined parts. This book gives credit to the individuals who put their hearts and souls together to create a Legendary Brand. Hurst Performance Products clearly dominated the market with not just great products but also with great customer service and aftersales support. The Hurst-Campbell Corporation was the complete package which over several lean years forged lasting personal relationships with many of the most powerful personalities controlling the shape of the muscle car era. This book documents the way things really happened and dispels many non-factual beliefs because of countless interviews with the people that made it happen. The surviving players have been fully vetted and the facts have been verified by multiple sources rather than non-confirmed rumors or single source recollections. Truly a great story to read, I had a hard time putting it down even during the Presidential debate. I am sure it will sell out the first printing quickly. The only complaint I have, the editor could have done a better job proof reading the simple errors. (Posted on 10/19/12)

    5 Item(s)

    per page
  • Author Bio

    Rich Truesdell

    Richard Truesdell is a veteran magazine editor with more than 25 years of experience. He has written scores of magazine articles and has been the editor-in-chief of Chevy Enthusiast and Car Audio and Electronics. Currently, he is the editorial director of Automotive Traveler. Truesdell lives in Sun City, California.

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