As your book is at the printer, please take this time to thoroughly answer these questions about the subject and content. This information will be used to sell and promote your book to magazines, bookstores and wholesalers. 

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  • This information will help us target magazines, retail stores, forums, blogs, etc. more specifically.

  • Please provide a summary (300 words max.) for your book.

  • Keep in mind that a buyer in a store most likely knows nothing about your book.

  • Why would someone be interested in the book? What will excite them? NOTE: What you list below will likely be used in a news release.

  • List 10 phrases. Please include all common industry terminology as well as nicknames or insider terms that only the hardcore enthusiasts use.


  • What auto parts stores, businesses, museums, hobby shops, book stores, etc should sell your book? Please list 5-10 responses and think of any and all possibilities.

  • Please list any/all stores and/or websites. Please give website, telephone, city, and state. Also indicate any personal contacts with an asterisk (*).

  • After working on your book for the past year, have you met any new people we can contact to help promote your book? Remember forum moderators and participants, clubs and organizations, events and social media pages are all crucial to promoting your book.
    - Did you reach out to them now and let them know you're writing a book?
    - We will offer complimentary copies of your book for giveaways and promotions
    - Please provide contact name, email and phone number for all submissions
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