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The Orbitron

by Pat Ganahl It’s very interesting that much of Roth’s small book, Whatever Happened to the Beatnik Bandit? is a continuous diatribe against Art Center College of Design in particular, of other automotive design schools in general, and of Detroit designers and their designs. He wrote this book in 1984....

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Uncertain T

by Pat Ganahl This crazy car is quite aptly named. In fact, I’m surprised Jay Fitzhugh didn’t include it in his list of “10 most wanted.” There seems to be a rabid, indefatigable contingent of fans who have been looking for it for the past three or four decades. They...

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The Graffiti Impala

by Pat Ganahl Regardless of your age, you’ve all seen American Graffiti at least two or three times by now. And if you’ve gone to an indoor car show anywhere in the country in the last 20 years, you’ve probably seen the yellow 1932 coupe that was one of the...

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The Silhouette

by Pat Ganahl There weren’t many Bill Cushenbery customs in the first place, and fewer exist now. Silhouette, probably his second most famous car, is simply gone. Built at the height of the bubble-top era in 1962, it made its debut as seen here in pastel-pink pearl fades on a...

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The Chrysler Turbine

by David Fetherson & Tony Thacker “The Car of The Future” was the descriptor used in reference to the Chrysler Turbine when it was unveiled at Essex House in New York City on May 14, 1963. The event signaled the public launch of Chrysler’s plan to build 50 such cars...

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Grumpy's Toy I

For no reason other than to prove a point, Bill made the decision to build and drive his own cars starting in 1966. To him, the stockers were the only game in town. He built his reputation and business upon them, and he could never really imagine himself behind the...

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A Super Sleeper

by Tommy Lee Byrd A Killer Creation That is More Sophisticated Than it Appears Let’s be honest, a late 1960s or early 1970s Nova doesn’t make the best sleeper platform because these cars have been used for countless drag cars and serious street machines. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t...

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The Beatnik Bandit

by Pat Ganahl Dirty Doug isn’t sure when he started working full-time for Ed. “I was married for a while, so I wasn’t in communication with him then. It [the Outlaw] was all done when I started with Ed. The only thing I did to the Outlaw was later on...

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