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Tell Me Your Rare Find by Jerry Heasley

I’m always looking for old cars neglected and discovered in barns or out the way places.

What have you found? I can run the story in one of my columns in national magazines I’ve been writing now for 23 years. Or, the story can wind up in a subsequent Rare Finds book.

I will need your contact information to do an interview and some “as found” pictures of the car.

“As found” means without disturbing what I call the “car archeology.” In other words, leave the “stuff” piled on the body. Seeing the car as found gives viewers a vicarious thrill. Read my book, “Jerry Heasley’s Rare Finds” to see what I mean and get your own vicarious thrills, over and over in the best of the last 20 some years.

I also need high-resolution pictures for print. Many computers have a default program to email digital images in a smaller than original size for quick transmission. Send the image full size, or at least a meg or two. (Don’t send a 15-meg file, however- too large and cumbersome for emailing.)

Stand back and show the entire scene, first, to show an example of the whole garage. Then, walk around the car and snap pictures. Snap pictures moving the car from storage, too. Get an engine shot and an interior and details.

Too many people think they are genius photographers taking details, not true. Details are great, but time and time again I get many details sent with few or no images of the entire scene.

I think many people get inside a tight space and don’t have a wide enough angle lens to see the whole car. Well, back up as far as you can and snap, and at least take an entire picture of the car out of the garage.

I will write the article, All you have to do is tell me off the top of your head (who, what, why, when and where). I will want your phone number so I can call to do this interview. Some people write a short piece on the find and then tell me to get the information out of what they have written. The trouble is I have certain facts that I need to know to create the vicarious thrill of the find.

My email is and my cell is 806-236-3681.

Jerry Heasley


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