All eBooks purchased from require Adobe Digital Editions for your computer or Android mobile device, or the Bluefire Reader app for your Apple iOS (mobile) device to access your eBook.


Are eBooks returnable?

No, eBooks are non-refundable. 


How do I purchase an eBook?

You can purchase an eBook just like you would any other book on our website. Simply add the eBook format to your cart and check out to complete your order. You will receive download instructions in your order confirmation email.  Or, download the book from My Downloadable Products in your CarTech account.


What eBook formats do you offer?

We offer eBooks in a PDF format. This format is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected and requires the use of an Adobe ID to read.


What does DRM-protected mean?

DRM or Digital Rights Management is a method that guarantees that the person who purchases an eBook is the owner of that eBook and that they are not sharing the eBook with others. We manage the digital rights for our books.


What is Adobe Digital Editions?

Adobe® Digital Editions is free software that offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications. Use it to download and purchase digital content, which can be read both online and offline. Transfer DRM-protected eBooks from your personal computer to other authorized computers or devices. Organize your eBooks into a custom library and annotate pages. Digital Editions also supports industry-standard eBook formats, including PDF/A and EPUB.

Download Adobe Digital Editions here.  Choose your operating system and click “download.” You must create an Adobe ID, which is free and takes only a minute or two. Creating this ID will allow you to view your book/s on multiple (up to 6) devices. Click here to create an Adobe ID now.

Adobe Digital Editions eBooks may be viewed using your desktop or laptop computer, Android handheld mobile devices such as phones, tablets and e-readers or your Apple iOS devices using the Bluefire Reader app. (See below for more information on reading your CarTech eBook on an Apple iOS device.) You must download and install Adobe Digital Editions software on each device you plan to read from.

The following operating systems are compatible with Adobe Digital Editions software:

-       Windows 7

-       Mas OS X 10.8+

Please note that Windows 10 is NOT compatible with Adobe Digital Editions 4.5. If you are running Windows 10, please install Adobe Digital Editions 3.0. Click here to install.

Click here to see if your device is supported by Adobe Digital Editions.


How do I authorize my device?

After installing Adobe Digital Editions on your device, you must authorize it. This will enable you to read Adobe DRM-protected items on the machine and other authorized devices. To do this, click on the Help menu and choose “Authorize Computer.” In the pop-up window choose “Adobe ID” as the eBook Vendor. If you already have an Adobe ID, enter it now. If not, choose “Create an Adobe ID” to the right of the eBook Vendor selection and create your Adobe ID and password. You will need to use this ID to authorize each device you plan to read your CarTech eBooks on.

*Do NOT select the check box next to “I want to authorize my computer without an ID.” You will not be able to read your eBook on other devices.


What is the Bluefire Reader App?

Bluefire Reader is our preferred Adobe Digital Editions compatible application for Apple iOS and Android devices (mobile devices). Once Bluefire Reader is installed and activated with Adobe you may download eBooks directly on your device using the download links provided on the confirmation page of your order, the confirmation email, or in your CarTech account.