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High-Performance Chevy Small Block Cams & Valvetrains (Digital)


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Covers rockers, lifters, valves & springs, retainers, guides, pushrods, and cam drives, detailed information on how to degree a cam and choose the proper cam for your application. Matching cams to cylinder heads and analyzing port flow are included.

Without a doubt, camshafts and the engine valvetrains are the most misunderstood areas of engine performance and have been for a long time. Misinformation is continually passed down from generation to generation, from Grandpa's 3/4 race cam to countertop myths at the local speed shop. Since camshaft selection is vital to making real horsepower, improper selection and tuning has cost horsepower junkies real power for decades. Finally, help is on the way!

Graham Hansen, author of the best-selling SA Design title How To Build Big-Inch Chevy Small Blocks, takes the mystery out of camshaft and valvetrain function, selection, and design. He covers camshaft basics, including a thorough explanation of how a cam operates in conjunction with the rest of the engine and valvetrain. He discusses technical terms like overlap, lobe centerline, duration, lift, and cam profiling. Comparisons between roller and flat-tappet cams are addressed and analyzed. This book covers rocker arms, lifters, valves, valvesprings, retainers, guideplates, pushrods, and cam drives, as well as detailed information on how to degree a cam and choose the proper cam for your application. Finally, matching cams to cylinder heads, analyzing port flow, and proving it all through dyno tests round out this informative volume. This book is a must-have for anyone trying to squeeze all the available horsepower from the ever-popular small-block Chevy.

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