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  • Composite Materials Bible

    Composite Materials Bible

    This new book from John Wanberg combines materials from four previous books plus adds a wealth of new material on the latest trends and techniques in the world of high-tech composite materials.

  • Harley-Davidson Twin Cam, Hop-Up & Rebuild Manual

    Harley-Davidson Twin Cam, Hop-Up & Rebuild Manual

    This new book starts with a short Twin Cam history, before jumping into a series of engine building chapters that show the how and why of performance engine building. Over 500 color photos shot in a professional shop show exactly how to port a set of heads, install cams, assemble a flywheel assembly, and install a big-bore kit. Learn from the pros how to build an engine that is both fast and durable.

  • Composite Materials: Step-by-Step Projects

    Composite Materials: Step-by-Step Projects

    Detailed photos lead the reader through a detailed how-to sequence. From making the mold, to cutting the fabric, and finishing the part. Projects include everything from fabricating speaker enclosures to hood scoops and cell-phone cases.


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