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LS Gen IV Engines 2005 - Present: How to Build Max Performance


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Engine-building and LS expert Mike Mavrigian guides readers through the best products and modification procedures to achieve maximum performance for a variety of applications.

Unlock the performance potential of your LS Gen IV engine with the best products and modification procedures for a variety of applications from engine-building and LS expert Mike Mavrigian.

To make more horsepower, more air flow and fuel into the engine is needed; therefore, how to select the industry-leading aftermarket heads and port the stock heads for superior performance are comprehensively covered in LS Gen IV Engines 2005 - Present: How to Build Max Performance. The cam controls all major timing events in the engine, so determining the best cam for your engine package and performance goals is revealed. But these are just a few aspects of high-performance Gen IV engine building. Installing nitrous oxide or supercharger systems and bolting on cold-air intakes, aftermarket ignition controls, headers, and exhaust system parts are all covered in detail. The foundation of any engine build is the block, and crucial guidance for modifying stock blocks and aftermarket block upgrade advice is provided. Crankshafts, pistons and rods, valvetrain, oiling systems, intakes and fuel injection, and cooling systems are all covered so you can build a complete high-performance package.

The GM LS Gen IV engine dominates the high-performance V-8 market and is the most popular powerplant for engine swap projects. In stock trim, the Gen IV engines produce class-leading horsepower. The Gen IV's rectangular-port heads flow far more air/fuel than the Gen III cathedral-port heads. However, with the right combination of modification procedures and performance parts, you can reach almost any performance target.

Muscle car owners, LS engine builders, and many enthusiasts have migrated to the Gen IV engine platform, so clear, concise, and informative content for transforming these stock engines into top performers for a variety of applications is essential. A massive amount of aftermarket parts is available and this provides guidance and instructions for extracting top-performance from these engines. If you're searching for an authoritative source for the best components and modifications to create the ultimate high-performance packages, then you've found it.

Pages: 144
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Product Code: SA413